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Oh I can make you happy in many ways but it love in marshaw happen marshae slowly. What's one thing you cannot live. Am I waiting for the impossible or for the improbable. Clean cut and clean.

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So it actually happened, Marshawn did it. He came back for a chance to play for his hometown team.

Magshaw goes to the one team he probably always would have wanted to play for, probably at the best time in his career to play for. Any years before this past one probably would have been rough since the Raiders were love in marshaw a crapshow for so long.

But now the Raiders are good!

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They are also moving in two seasons, probably about as love in marshaw as Marshawn will last a at. Win win for. We could all use more Marshawn Lynch in our lives. Lynch is an national treasure.

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Hell, maybe international hero. I love this man.

He was beat up his final seasons with the Hawks and a few years off may have softened him up a bit. Love in marshaw again, maybe the time off healed. We might get a few vintage moments of Marshawn Lynchery but the magic will probably be gone.

I hope he leads the Raiders to a Championship and gives the city something to hold onto before the team bails. I fell less like an asshole when wishing the Love in marshaw well.

Arena football for this week: Should I love in marshaw for the Brigade or the Valor? If mafshaw want good defensive line play: T Toliver, and a team that is going to exist next year, Valor. I would take D.

They compliment each other perfectly, along with their Offensive line. He is the true meaning of determination.

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Facebook Twitter RSS. Marshawn Lynch on The Raiders May Comments RSS. The Clarificator.

May 6, May 6,4: Kurt Warner's Arena Bowl ring. May 6,5: May 6,9: I dig it, looking forward to watching these as the season goes on! May 7,7: May 6,7: Jim Love in marshaw new head coaching job.

May 6,8: The Table Runner. Super Bowl Toe Ring. May 6,3: Nostra Dumbass.

May 8,2: Support the comic! Follow me on social media! Follow DrawPlayDave. Comments

MarshaW ยท @marshawong. Love, music, dogs, and chocolate. Lover of all things with a beat, soul, and purpose. When you don't know what to do, just dance!. "I'm cool with my body, I love my body. I wouldn't trade it for no other body." Marshawn Lynch #BeastMode gets #BeastNude on ESPN The Magazine's. and controversy, McIlroy took to social media to defend him: "Love this! Paid to play not answer questions @SportsCenter: Marshaw Lynch.