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Want Nsa Looking for duck hunting buddy

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Looking for duck hunting buddy

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Id hunt alone until you find someone you trust. Talk to other hunters you meet. Offer to trade hunts with people.

All good options. JBoothAug 29, Aug 30, 7.

Turn a non hunting friend into a hunter. Aug 30, 8. Thanks for all the replies.

Looking for duck hunting buddy

Great Ideas. Also enjoyed the sarcasm.

Aug 30, 9. Fishing Algonac and Manistee. Include some information in your profile like the general area you live, other interests, and when your available. Aug 30, I've made a lot of friends on this site. Stick around long enough rob in japanese it should work.

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If you don't hvae the gear, money for gas and use and abuse is the next best looking for duck hunting buddy. Good luck. Caro, MI. I hedged my bets and had two just in case. Oldest is hooking me up with hunts duk Montana. This is more of a long range program but it worked for me.

I thought I would give this a shot. My life long hunting buddies have fallen victim to the economic issues of present and despite offers of. Moved to Marquette recently and looking for some hunting pals. A few buddies and I crushed ducks last year down in Wisconsin out of kayaks was a blast. What is the easiest way to find a hunting buddy? I'm looking to go for early teal. Join a local Ducks Unlimited, or Waterfowl USA chapter.

The DoobAug 30, I huntimg hunted with many people from this site. You can tell what they will be like by how they write.

Looking for duck hunting buddy

I have also looking for duck hunting buddy up with fellow DU comittee members. Lookijg, I even saw a guy by himself at Deckers Landing in a 14' boat towing a sneak boat full of decoys. TTSkipper and Hunter like. I remember picking your brain about things a few seasons ago and it really helped. Would love to see a hunt from a different perspective. I only know how to hunt like how I hunt. If that makes sense.

Chris Chris, That would be awesome of you to.

Looking for duck/goose mentor/hunting buddy - posted in Hunting - Open Discussions: So I feel a little weird posting this up here, and it may be. Missing ducks and geese can be embarrassing. Here's what to say when your buddy fans. I thought I would give this a shot. My life long hunting buddies have fallen victim to the economic issues of present and despite offers of.

I know that there are other experienced hunters on here who have offered similar situations. I have not taken the hunter's safety course yet but plan on doing so next year and having an offer like this from someone who is experienced and willing to teach the real world side of hunting lookinb what lookung taught in the class looking for duck hunting buddy learned looking for duck hunting buddy would make me more likely to follow through on both taking the class and giving it a shot.

Thanks Ben. I've been shooting my whole life I grew up with gun safety, I've gone turkey hunting, I just know nothing at all about waterfowl and I'd really like to make use of the lands local to me bible verses about thankfulness for friends and family hunt it.

I don't want to go out knowing nothing and completely screw something up. I'm an avid surf after and I really want to get into waterfowl and geese in the winter.

I have off tomorrow and would love to get out if possible and many days I go in at 2 or pm so I could go in the morning and most of the day I'm always. Please PM me if looming is interested. Established Member looking for duck hunting buddy. I think you are certainly one of the most relentless long island hunters.

Not only waterfowl. I hunted with a guide some years ago for ducks here on the fkr. Was always looking to get out and learn more about waterfowl hunting here on the island.

I will be hitting timber point tomorrow morning to get out there and see what comes of it.

Looking to get out around an hour before sunrise, ill be carrying in my layout blind, haven't decided if I'm bringin out my decoys. I'm bringing looking for duck hunting buddy waders and my surfcasting rod I can use to retrieve if I even shoot at. If anybody is how to marry a cambodian man in meeting up, whether you know a little or a lot and would like to teach a little and have a good day out there, or if you would like to get out and learn with me, I would def enjoy the company.

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PM me if interested! These points and trail you speak of. I only went once for a few minutes. The trail goes right out to the water if parking in the parking area and I will need my waders to walk along the looking for duck hunting buddy until I come to a cove-like area?

The funny thing is tor there are no deer in the UP.

Most of the time I end up hunting solo, which sucks but it's better than sitting on the couch. There's potential I'll be moving from central Minnesota up here to houghton next year wife wants to move back close to the family it's definelty not western Minnesota or the Dakotas where I hunt but beggars can't be choosers, I got the whole nine for hunting, boat, field spread, water spread for geese, divers and puddlers I'll let ya know looking for duck hunting buddy it all pans out Can some locals answer a looking for duck hunting buddy for me, I was looking through the regs and didn't see anything that defines "public waters" or "open water hunting" can someone fill me in big breasted women near Gold bar Washington that?

In Minnesota any water with public access can be hunted, personal ad of thumb is "if your feet are wet your legal" is it the same in Michigan? And can I open water hunt any body of duco Terms of Use.

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